Darrin Spencer Photography



My photography journey began for me back in 1982 while living in Turkey I purchased my first camera, a Pentax MG (and yes to this day I still have it!).  As a 12 year old I was learning everything I could about photography and taking pictures of everything I could in Turkey.  While at Fort Knox High School my photography endeavor continued when I took a class that allowed me to work at the local photography studio on the Army post.  Little did I know that this “class” would make such an impact on me from a photography standpoint?  This is where I learned so much about developing negatives, slides and learning how to work with chemicals to develop my own prints.  After graduating high school, I went off to college and in my first year there I was the Sports Photographer for Cumberland College (now University of the Cumberlands) and was in charge of photography for all sports teams, organizing all team shoots for the athletic teams and doing posters for all the athletic teams at Cumberland.  In 1992, after graduating college, I wanted to take a break before grad school and began working at a local gymnastics center then bought the gym that later became Damar Gymnastics and have done that since 1992.  During all this I still stayed involved in photography and then became interested in the digital photography world and all that came with it.  It was a total different world than what I had done from in the past.  In 2005 I helped The Times Tribune (a daily newspaper in Corbin, Ky.) as a photographer for their Sports Department and that lasted up until 2015.  And then after that I began working with On Point Magazine and I will admit is has been different shooting other stuff besides just sports, but it has been a breath of fresh air.